Friday, November 1, 2013

Week 8, Part 2: Lancaster County, PA

We decided, after we'd stayed in Indiana Amish Country, that we'd like to spend a little more time in an Amish community. We found the farmland near sunset in Lancaster beautiful as we took a long drive to a giant local smorgasbord. For awhile, we found ourselves behind a buggy with a window in the back and two little girls kept looking back at us, but I couldn't bring myself to lift of the camera and take a photo of them. It made me wonder how photographers do that. It seemed like something I would've had no qualms doing when I was younger, when I had a telephoto lens, when I had my own darkroom. But something felt sacred to me about the Amish, like it was somehow wrong to photograph them. So I handed the camera to Larry. We had a really restful and peaceful overnight stay in Lancaster County, and a beautiful drive the next day back through the Amish farmlands and then onward to Brooklyn. Larry's wonderful photographs of Lancaster are below. Larry spent his high school summers working farms in Yale, MI and was particularly moved seeing farm work done with horses, especially the farmer baling hay with a horse drawn baler.

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